Kate Fouchey - Instructor and Customer Service Representative

"I learned to knit when I was about 8, when my dad had a yarn store in Detroit.  I spent the next thirty or so years being an on-again, off-again knitter as my life's challenges presented themselves, always passionate about knitting when I was in my on-again cycles.  Then, starting about twenty years ago, and slowly building until now, my passion has grown and so has my skill and experience.  I joined Lori's Monday evening class in January, 2015, and began working at Skeins in December of that year.  I began teaching drop-in classes in November, 2016, and regular classes that following January.  I'm excited to continue to grow my knitting experience and to see what my knitting future has in store!"
Melissa Griffith - Instructor

"I was introduced to this wonderful world of knitting by a visitor at my house who was knitting during dinner.  My husband mentioned later that he thought I would like knitting.  I told him he was crazy.  Now here I am, I work at a yarn store and I'm a knitting instructor.  I've also begun dabbling in personal yarn dyeing.  My husband still laughs about this."
Sue Hendricks - Instructor

"I was taught to crochet by my grandmother when I was very young.  After many years of refusing to learn how to knit, I finally gave it a try.  Now I teach both techniques.  I work a full-time day job, so you'll normally see me at the shop during evenings and/or weekends."
Tricia Losey - Instructor

Tori Herndon, Customer Service Representative

"I walked into Skeins On Main in 2012, hoping to get help on an afghan that I had started crocheting many years before.  After many classes, and multiple times taking out what I had worked up, Lori realized the instructions on my pattern were 'destructions.'  Needless to say, that afghan was finally finished.  I have blessed Lori with two classes per week for a few years now and knitting and crocheting are a big part of my life, and also my daughter's, who now takes classes with Lori on Saturdays.  Ever hear, 'Don't leave home with out it?'  That's a knitting project for me.  The staff at Skeins and all my classmates have made knitting at Skeins a great experience.  So great that I now work at the shop part-time.  One day my plan is to retire to Florida.  I sure hope they knit down there!  Working at Skeins is an ongoing learning experience.  Whether it's learning about weights of yarns, what the yarns are made of, touching the different textures, putting colors together... it's fun!  I never tire of hearing what a beautiful store Skeins is.  Customers come from all around.  I'm not an instructor, but when you stop in I know there will be something I can help you with, pick a pattern, yarn for a pattern, and help with accessories.  I can't wait to meet you.  See you soon!"


Christine McGee - Customer Service Representative

"My mother taught me basic knitting as a teen.  I returned to it about twelve years ago.  I enjoy learning new techniques, taking on larger projects (like an all-cabled afghan out of hand-dyed yarn), and working in the shop when I can.  When I'm not there and I'm not at home or working at the hospital, I also enjoy golf, scuba diving, traveling, and watching old movies."


Shawna Mehaffey - Customer Service Representative

"I taught myself to knit at 23 years old, when I decided it would be a wonderful idea to make a sweater (complete with a kitty cat face) for my toddler.  When I actually accomplished this with surprisingly few mistakes - hey, seams showing on the outside is a design element... design element, people! - I was hooked and have been knitting as life allows ever since.  When I'm not in the shop, working on my current knitting project, or making natural skincare products, you'll find me avoiding the housework with a variety of hobbies ranging from gardening, to mud runs, to target shooting, to sitting on the beach."