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      Lori Sheffield - Owner, Instructor, Customer Service Representative
"I was taught to knit by my aunt when I was 9.  I didn't really pick up crochet until about 25 years ago.  I've been teaching since February, 1982, and bought Skeins On Main January 1, 2009.  There's nothing I love more than sharing my knowledge of knitting and crochet, and watching as people "get it" or accomplish something they didn't think was possible.  When I'm not knitting, crocheting, or running the shop (which is pretty much never), my husband and I love to visit Disneyworld, New York City, or Chicago.  My other passions are my animals (3 dogs and 5 cats), cooking and baking."
Sue Hendricks - Instructor

"I was taught to crochet by my grandmother when I was very young.  After many years of refusing to learn how to knit, I finally gave it a try.  Now I teach both techniques.  I work a full-time day job, so you'll normally see me at the shop during evenings and/or weekends."

Posy Macedonia - Instructor and Customer Services Representative


Ann DePouw - Instructor


Shawna Mehaffey - Customer Service Representative

"I taught myself to knit at 23 years old, when I decided it would be a wonderful idea to make a sweater (complete with a kitty cat face) for my toddler.  When I actually accomplished this with surprisingly few mistakes - hey, seams showing on the outside is a design element... design element, people! - I was hooked and have been knitting as life allows ever since.  When I'm not in the shop, working on my current knitting project, or making natural skincare products, you'll find me avoiding the housework with a variety of hobbies ranging from gardening, to mud runs, to target shooting, to sitting on the beach."

       Heather Garman - Crochet Instructor & Customer Service Representative
        Kelly Zawisza - Customer Service Representative
       Liz Gillman - Customer Service Representative
       Sam Brideau - Instructor