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Oh Snap! Bags

These mesh bags from Namaste are super handy for avid knitters and crocheters!

They are perfect for anyone with several works-in-progress. (That means us, all of us. We use them for small projects, folded up patterns, small stashes of tapestry needles, measuring tapes, scrap yarn, stitch holders and so, so many other things.)

The Namaste Oh Snap! mesh bags are designed to hold your work, yarns and essentials all in one handy location. The semi-transparent mesh allows you to quickly see what's inside and you can also store several projects side by side in a larger bag without them getting tangled together. Each bag closes with snap fasteners to keep things secure. 

Not that you ever would, but you could even use them for something other than knitting or crocheting. They are so handy.