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Luxurious, rare yarns of exceptionally high quality distinguish our product range. Our intensive work has yielded wonderful yarns with a unique feel, for example from alpaca, cashmere, yak or vicuña. 

In addition to absolute quality, the species-appropriate keeping of animals, fair-trade and ecologically manufactured products are very important to us. We have deliberately decided against working with intermediaries in order to guarantee a high degree of sustainability. 

This means we are closer to the product with high transparency, short trade routes and reliable quality control. The farms on which the animals live are carefully selected by us at the beginning of product development and visited on site. In addition to wool quality, the focus is on the living conditions of the animals and the working conditions on the farms. 

The animals must be able to develop in their natural environment and be treated appropriately. Thus, the llamas come from a small farm in northern Argentina, while the alpacas have their natural habitat in Peru, the musk oxen in Alaska, the cashmere goats in Mongolia and the merino sheep in Patagonia. 

Before committing ourselves to a quality, we meticulously test the wool from several farms and then choose those that meet our high standards. All our yarns are made from 100% natural fibres. 

Since we primarily support small farmers and farms, not all our products are certified. As a rule, they cannot afford to obtain certifications such as GOTS. In order not to force them into financial difficulties, we do not insist on certificates, but instead travel to the respective regions to see the conditions for ourselves. At the same time, our requirements are often higher than those of most textile certificates. 

Our yarns are spun according to high standards either directly in the countries where the fibres are sourced or also in Italy and Portugal. We dye our yarns in accordance with current EU directives. Of course, we also offer un-dyed, natural yarns.

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Alpaca Fino



$15.95 - $26.95