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Our Schedule of Fun!

Lagniappe Dinner & Knitting

Join us on Monday, November 25, for an evening of laughter, great food, Christmas lights, and making new friends. We'll join around the front table at 4pm, before the festivities begin outside. Lori will be teaching throughout the evening, whenever there's a break from meal prep. At 6pm, we'll eat a fantastic meal that includes Beef Wellington and Lori's famous Pots du Creme for dessert (sides are yet-to-be-determined). At 7pm, Rochester will light up Main Street and you'll have a front-row view. Choose to watch from inside the store, or take a stroll down Main Street to really soak up the ambiance. Either way, you're in for an incredible evening. At 9pm, we'll lock the doors and head home, with our bellies and hearts full.